*** Care & Cleaning ***

Caring for your handmade jewelry is simple, but very important.  Take your jewelry off before washing your hands (if a ring) or taking a shower.  Do not wear while swimming, gardening or while doing any vigorous activity or sport where the piece could be bumped or scratched. Remove before going to bed and avoid any exposure to chemicals, lotions, or high temps.

To prohibit tarnishing I recommend storing your piece in a ziplock bag with an anti-tarnish tab (I provide one with every purchase.) that will inhibit tarnishing when not wearing.

To clean tarnish, a soft jeweler's cleaning cloth will restore the shine quickly and easily. If a piece is dusty or dirty, cleaning with original Dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush gets down into the nooks and crannys.

For many of my pieces I add a patina.  If you feel that you need to clean a piece that has the added patina just buff lightly with a soft jeweler's cleaning cloth. Don't rub too vigorously or the patina will be removed.